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What are we doing?

This is of course a tech-blog but it is also much more. It’s about a journey.

Most of you would have heard about devops, agile, microservices, cloud native and a lot of other cool stuff. And so you would agree (or not) with the idea spread by a lot of blogs, presentations and talks about how monolithic and archaic the ops teams are.

Well, we are a bunch of those «Stone Age» people who are just in their way to adapt, transform and (finally and hopefully xD) embrace the cloud-native era.

Indeed, it’s not an easy journey. It implies a lot of personal effort, doubt about a lot of things you had always taken for granted, reinvent yourself, and sometimes, even get so frustrated that you’d wish to leave everything behind and start a new and peaceful live as a farmer!

But if you, like us, feel an adrenaline rush every time you achieve a small goal or when you get all things working… then sorry, you’re just a geek as we are and deep inside you know that this journey is the one you want, no matter how hard it would be.

We’ll try to make up this blog around manuals, tips and all the stuff we think will help others like us to walk the road.

It will not be only about cloud native or devops concepts, it’ll be about anything we have to deal with. Sometimes digging into advanced things but others getting things from scratch and, more important, trying to fill the gaps that are many times in configuration guides and that make us so mad.

So, be sure that you’re not alone. Feel free to visit us and, please please, comment anything you want whether is good or bad feedback because as Bill Gates said: «We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve»

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